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RTOC Tournament Registration

2024 Tournament, December 20-22

High School Boys Dec. 20-21

High School Girls Dec. 20-21

College Open Dec. 22

High School Competition Pricing

College Competition Pricing

High School Team (4-14 Wrestlers) – $700

1 individual/extra wrestler - $150

2 individuals/extra wrestlers - $300

3 individuals/extra wrestlers - $450

Extra Team (4-14 Wrestlers) – $700

College Team (4-15 Wrestlers) – $800

1 individual/extra wrestler - $150

2 individuals/extra wrestlers - $300

3 individuals/extra wrestlers - $450

Extra Team (4-15 Wrestlers) - $800

Unattached - $60

If you decide to bring an extra team or additional wrestlers then please fill out two contracts so we can invoice accordingly.
Coach Passes Information is as follows:

If you bring 1-3 kids then you get 1 coach pass and 1 stat pass
If you bring 4-8 kids then you get 2 coaches passes and 1 stat pass
If you bring 9+ kids then you get 3 coaches passes and 1 stat pass

(Please note, the stat pass can be used for an additional coach or a stat person)

Extra Coach passes are $50 each- Must be purchased at the registration table during team check-in

The tournament entry fee will vary per team based on the number of participants; we would prefer it be paid by December 1st. The tournament fee will give you the ability to bring 14 wrestlers (for high school levels) & 15 wrestlers (for the collegiate school levels) with one scorer per weight class. If you do not have one scorer per weight and want to double up on weight then you will have to pay for a "Team B" in order to do that. Further, you are allowed to enter a "Team B" for extra wrestlers if you so choose, but still, you have to have one scorer per weight class.

Tournament Description

The tournament will be held as an individual championship bracketed tournament. It will be double elimination with only one wrestler in each weight class per school.  The tournament will place the top eight in the high school boys tournament; at least the top four in the high school girls tournament (depending upon number of entries); and the top three for the college open.  The tournament will award the highest teams with 1st through 4th plaques. The first three wrestlers in each weight class will also receive All-American Honor Certificates. All high school teams and their coaches will be allowed free entry into the college tournament. Mats will be available for workouts for all teams.

Upon agreeing to compete in this tournament, your team must stay at the assigned hotel (please follow the link to make a reservation and review all accommodations and amenities). If your team does not stay at the assigned hotels then you will be charged an additional entry fee. The RTOC will agree to keep all costs at the lowest level available through negotiations with the sponsoring hotel(s).

Both the National Federation and Nevada High School Athletic Association sanction the RTOC. All National High School Federation Rules will be enforced at this event. Participating schools have to be a member of their State Athletic/Activities Association.

Unattached Wrestler Registration


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