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Reno, Nevada - Reno Events Center


With three connected but distinctive casino resorts in downtown Reno, the Eldorado Resorts Family now offers something fun for everyone right in the heart of the Biggest Little City in Reno's Arch District!


Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come cheer on their wrestlers. Tickets are available the day of the tournment. 

We look forward to seeing you there!



All National High School Federation Rules will be enforced at this event. Participating schools have to be a member of their State Athletic/Activities Association.



What's New for RTOC

Toughest Tournament in the USA

The Reno Tournament of Champions and College Invitational was created by a group of wrestling enthusiasts during the summer of 1994 who wanted to establish a tournament unlike any other–this “Toughest Tournament in the USA” would bring together the best of the best to raise funds for youth sports programs.

The tournament founders, all former wrestlers, envisioned the event as a true state-by-state high school national championship along with a four-way college dual featuring the best programs in the country. This combined tournament would not only be a great event for competitive wrestling but promised to be exciting enough to build a whole new fan base for this great sport.

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